New Learning Approaches

While today's generations grow up in a rapidly changing world educational structures are slow to adapt. When looking at the current situation from an education point of view, an obvious but already traditional question comes to mind again and again: Why not use the attraction of technology and games in an educational context and find ways of taking advantage of new possibilities?

Current projects and activities

Ingenious Teacher Training

In order to prepare teachers better for today's harsh requirements and to provide them with elegant innovative ways of teaching we have created teacher courses which we are holding on a European level. These courses meet the highest quality standards and teachers can get funding for participating in the courses. You can find details on the following website:


RobotCity is a fun way of introducing young people to robotics and keeping hem engaged in an online community.

The idea behind the project is to create a robot simulator for learning and a virtual community app for sharing results of robotics projects. The learning focuses on he understanding of coding and giving commands to the virtual robot. It contains a tutorial which lets those who don't have a physical robot play around and experiment and solv roboics tasks. The virtual community gives everyone the opportunity to sign up and become part of a virtual city in which everyone can claim land, choose a futuristic building and present the results of school projecs or home projecs or eve professional projects hat deal with robotics.

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Finished projects


MYTHS is an innovative approach of new learning. Our method includes the use of Roleplay Games and multimedia presentation combined with interculturall and intersocial exchange.

MYTHS stands for Maximizing Youth’s Talents and Heightening Self-confidence and its concept is based on utilizing basic rules of Role Playing Games, supported by Multimedia means (Multimedia Supported-RolePlayingGames, MS-RPGs) and on specific topics, therefore creating an interactive educational environment. It is an innovative approach helping young people to convey the content of specific interests, for example promoting individual, social and multimedia capabilities.


The aim of OPALESCE (Online Portal and Active Learning System for Senior Citizens in Europe) is to create a distance learning system that senior citizens with no previous computer experience can learn in 1 hour and implementing it in a way that attracts a large number of users and content providers. The distance learning system will be extremely simple to use, and it will run on mobile touch-screen devices such as tablets and smartphones. By the end of the project it will be able to run on its own as a free system open to anyone. While it will be especially useful to senior citizens with decreasing mobility, the system can also be used by anyone and might lead to more mobile learning.


The “V-UPGRATeS”(Validating and Upgrading VET Trainers and teachers ICT Skills) proposes the design of a

  • comprehensive
  • innovative
  • dynamic
  • interactive programme

Offered for VET trainers and teachers to upgrade and upskill their digital competences in order to meet the needs of the labour market, support their teaching for better career guidance for their students and better skills match.

Through the use of an ICT-SKILLS-AUDIT trainers will be given the opportunity to

  2. Assess their skills against specific benchmarks and indicators set as part of the TRAINERS’ DIGITAL COMPETENCE REFERENCE FRAMEWORK (TEDICOREF) and
  3. be assisted to create their DIGITAL PROFESSIONAL PLAN (DIGIPROPLAN) in order to upgrade their ICT skills

The dynamic e-tool to be developed will record teachers’ data and results from the DIGITAL SKILLS AUDIT, but most importantly it will GENERATE guidance and advice for their professional plan.

Ideas-into-Action Camp

The Ideas-into-Action initiative is a new approach to learning combined with early entrepreneurship education. It combines different aspects of learning theory and instructional design in an uncommon way. The idea behind it is to bring students together in a learning environment that motivates them to take initiative and become self regulated learners, push their skills to the limit, and use the help of experts to go beyond these limits. This is done in the context of designing and creating computer games, which is a major motivational factor and an entrepreneurial field as well.

Currently the event is held as a three day – and most of the nights - camp. Students apply for these camps online. For them, participating in the event is completely free since everything is paid for by sponsors.

Ideas-into-Action camps follow a detailed concept which is constantly evaluated through qualitative and quantitative feedback and research. Based on the results of the evaluation the concept is refined.

The camps are run in cooperation with Prof. Bernadette Dilger of the University of Cologne, Germany.