Serious Games

In recent years the potential of serious games has become more and more obvious. However, we believe that few games have managed to actually unlock the potential of the concept and help learners acquire knowledge and skills through fun activities. The challenge is designing advanced didactical concepts with tightly integrated mixtures of learning/training content and fun.

Current projects and activities

European Project: LEVEL

Enchanted Crystals is the result of an intense two year project that has brought together game developers, teachers, and researchers from all over Europe to try to help improve maths education in young people. Generously supported by an Erasmus+ grant from the British National Agency, we investigated curricula and best practice across Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK. We spoke with teachers who told us that pupils who struggled with fundamental mental mathematics have real difficulty in understanding more advanced concepts, and we looked to literature and science to underpin the way we developed Enchanted Crystals as a helpful aide in for teachers.

European Project: E-MaGIC

In the E-MaGIC project a group of teachers, developers and researchers from all over Europe (Portugal, Germany, Italy and Greece) created Clash of Wizardry, a magical duelling game where you can practice your mastery in solving equations in a fun way. No matter if you are a math genius or just striving to get better, there is a challenge that fits you! The project was supported by an Erasmus+ grant from the Portuguese National Agency. The game is available on the AppStore and on GooglePlay for free and the website also provides a handbook for teachers that will help with integrating the game in class.

European Project: MATH

The overall aim of the project is to create a game that encourages learners to train their math skills in order to make their avatars in the game climb mountains faster than their opponent. This motivation to learn is meant to improve basic skills, especially for disadvantaged learners. The game takes advantage of a competitive element in order to encourage learners to become faster at calculating.


Emerald is a simulation game that lets learners experience the complex structures of a company. Learners take on the role of managers that make decisions in all relevant departments of the company.

The game will be an accelerated real-time simulation that can be played against other learners. Individual complexity levels for each department will allow learners to focus on the relevant learning content without making the simulation too complex.

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The Fair Project

The Fair Project is an innovative game concept which puts users in the main role in a story-based scenario. The player takes on the role of a new employee in an SME who is tasked with preparing the company's presentation at an important fair. This leads to an exploration of all departments which in turn gives the player a deep understanding of processes and business correlations. The player is surrounded by an authentic business atmosphere in which he has to deal with the moods of co-workers and various conflicts.

The game was created for vocational education scenarios und is based on the PVEC for Serious Games (Paderborn Vocational Education Concept for Serious Games). One of the unique features is a direct integration into blended learning scenarios.

As we are still evaluating learning results the Fair Project game is only available at special request for the moment.

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